At R-logic, we have a team of highly qualified and experienced industrial experts, committed to designing and pioneering cost effective reverse supply chain solution for Manufacturers worldwide.

Powered by advanced tracking system and leading technical capability, we provide end to end solution, from ensuring high quality customer care services at consumers door step, to direct manufacturer engagement for speedy defective return, aiming to reduce all reverse supply chains waste for manufacturers, and improving customer experience for consumers, and in doing so, contributing to creating a better and greener living environment.

R-Logic provides reliable and timely revers logistics services, including technical support center, repair services and defective inventory management using forefront technology.

R-Logic delivers end-to-end reverse supply chain solutions that aims to connect the entire customer care market to our clients and manufacturer through forefront technology.


R-logic is the first in the industry to establish in-depth technical repair hub in Singapore, India, Malaysia and Indonesia, bringing our regional service value to an even higher level