Fax without compromise. Combine the best features of traditional fax machines, Internet Fax and fax servers, without any of the drawbacks.

Frequently Asked QuestionsThe FaxLogic Advantage

Unique Feature Set & Uncommon Performance

Enjoy True Multi-User collaboration, superior reliability, security and more unique productivity features than any other fax service in the industry.

Consolidate Global Fax Communications

Connect Offices, Users and Equipment

Store Documents Indefinitely Off-Site

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

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FaxLogic offers flexible solutions to meet the needs of any business or organization, large or small. Advanced security measures support regulatory compliance for any industry.

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Fax service for businesses needs to be reliable and cost effective. We chose FaxLogic to help bring down costs associated with sending and receiving faxes. We enjoy printing only those faxes we want and saving toner and paper on all the unsolicited faxes.

Oak Tree Dental, PLLCThe Internet Fax Machine

FaxLogics advanced technologies combine enterprise level fax features, security, and flexible equipment choices with simple integration and ease of use. With no long-term commitment requirements and economical, high value packages offering unmatched features, performance and reliability, FaxLogic is the best Internet Fax solution for business.

Connect Any Fax Machine to the Internet

If you want to connect a fax machine to the Internet weve got you covered, whether you have an ordinary fax machine, or the latest multi-function device (MFD) that also lets you scan, copy and print. MFDs are also known as multi-function peripherals and multi-function printers (MFP), which include Brother Multi-Function Centers (MFC). Connect any standard ITU-T Group 3 / CCITT Group 3 fax machine to FaxLogic, for reliable facsimile transmission through the Internet.

Use FaxLogic as a fax line replacement. If youve been looking for a fax service that offers POTS line replacement, FaxLogic is the best option. With secure, reliable Internet Fax using any standard fax machine connected to FaxLogic, save money using FaxLogic as an analog phone line replacement.

With its unique technologies, FaxLogic makes reliable IP fax a reality. Using FaxLogic, Fax-over-IP is now more reliable than analog fax. FaxLogic pioneered the technical solutions that have perfected reliable IP faxing. An industry first, FaxLogic guarantees the reliability of its fax service and backs it with a standard service level agreement.

VoIP Compatible Fax – Works in any Network Environment

FaxLogic has perfected VoIP fax, making reliable VoIP faxing a reality. Reliable VoIP faxing has always been a challenge in the past, but FaxLogic is specifically designed to work in any network environment. Fax over VoIP securely and reliably with FaxLogic.

Combine Paper Fax & Paperless Fax Capabilities

Whether your business needs paper fax or paper free fax capabilities, FaxLogic has options tailored for your business and industry. FaxLogic is also perfect for businesses transitioning to a paperless fax environment. Go light years beyond fax-to-email and email-to-fax with over 100 standard productivity features included in every FaxLogic service plan.

Bring your current analog fax number to FaxLogic and start using it almost immediately, even while the phone company processes the transfer! If you currently use another Internet Fax service such as eFax, you can migrate to FaxLogic without any interruption of service!

FaxLogic offers free virtual faxing to accounts you refer to FaxLogic. Sign up those you fax most and enjoy free faxing between your accounts.

Save on fax supplies and save money. FaxLogic is an environmentally friendly eco-fax service.

Cloud Fax Solutions Tailored for Business & Industry

With FaxLogic, cloud fax is now available to everyone. The Internets best cloud fax service keeps getting better. Whether youre looking for a virtual fax machine or a virtual fax service, FaxLogic cloud-based fax service lets mobile users and road-warriors rejoice.

With No IT department or expense required, FaxLogic provides hosted fax, managed fax and secure fax individually or combined into an economical package. For enterprises that require a fax server, hosted fax server, managed fax server, virtual fax server, cloud fax server, or are looking for a fax server replacement, FaxLogic has packages and options that can replace fax servers or eliminate fax servers, with lower acquisition and operating costs and with greater performance and reliability.

Armed with the latest security technologies and end-to-end encrytion, FaxLogic helps you maintain Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act / HIPAA compliance, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act / GLBA complaince and Sarbanes Oxley / SOX compliance.

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