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FedEx Freight First Delivery is a time-definite service utilizing the operational excellence of FedEx Freight and the customer service expertise of FedEx Custom Critical®. This service offers two options to meet your shipping needs:Standard Service Day

Time-definite delivery on the standard FedEx Freight transit day. You choose the hour the shipment must deliver by (by 2 p.m., for example) or a one-hour delivery window (i.e. between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m.)

Time-definite delivery one day earlier than the standard FedEx Freight transit day. The availability of this service varies based on specific pickup and delivery locations. The choice of a by time or one-hour window also applies for this service option.

FedEx Freight First Delivery features the extras to ensure on-time deliveries.

FedEx Custom Critical provides proactive communication on pickup and delivery and if the shipment gets behind schedule.

Shipments are visibly identified with tape for easy recognition throughout the FedEx Freight system.

Most shipments are tail-loaded to provide fast access.

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