What is a PRO Number Used for When Shipping LTL Freight?

This barcode sticker consisting of theSCAC codeand the PRO number is then placed on the pallets where it can be easily recognized for shipment. These PRO numbers are then scanned and used for tracking the entire shipment as it enters and exit transfer centers operated by the carrier.

Oftentimes a shipment will contain many PRO numbers, for example, every pallet could have its own PRO number. When this occurs, all PRO numbers associated with the shipment will then be assigned to one PRO number that is then used specifically for tracking.

PRO numbers are usually created and stored in the software system of the carriers in advance. This way companies and individuals wishing to ship can pull a PRO number from a set of PRO numbers already created. This makesmoving freightmuch easier and quicker.

PRO numbers are very similar to UPS tracking numbers. The PRO number will not only be located on the pallets for shipment, but also on all paperwork. The PRO number will be located on the BOL. Copies of the BOL are maintained by the person or company sending the shipment, by the carrier, and by the receiver upon delivery. The PRO assists in identifyingLTL freightfor billing purposes.

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