Using Translate

Click on the Menu Icon to bring up the menu that lets you control all aspects of using the LEC Translate and Power Translator bar.

The Network icon indicates where translations are performed. The icon is a computer if your translations are performed on your local machine, and it is a globe if you are using LEC servers remotely. The icon is yellow if there have been communications or translation problems. It is red if there have been serious errors. Normally the icon is green. Clicking on the icon invokes a menu that lets you show the network log, and to choose where to perform translations, if your software is configured to support both local and remote translation.

Select the translation language pair with the Language Chooser. The Language Chooser shows a pair of letters, then an arrow, and then another pair of letters. The first pair refers to the source language, and the second pair refers to the translation language. EnFr, for example, indicates English to French translation. When you hover over the Languages Chooser, a complete description is given. Click on the Language Chooser to show the list of language pairs. You may control display of the language pairs from the Tools/Options/Language Pairs menu.

Click on the Hover Translation Icon to turn on or offHover Translation. Click with the right mouse button to bring up a menu letting you specify more precisely the type of hover translation you wish to use..

Click on any of the icons in the Quick Launch Panel to launch the LEC Translate and Power Translator application.

You type or paste your text into the text area. Untranslated text is display in

key (or choose Translate from the menu), the untranslated text will be replaced by its translation. Translated text is displayed in