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Were a multi-author miniature wargaming blog with a hobby focus. Were casual gamers who love modeling, painting, and creating. We love the wargaming community and sharing whatever it is were working on.

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We love the wargaming and miniature hobby. Even though many of us play wargames, like Warhammer 40K and Battlefleet Gothic, the hobby element is where we spend most of our time. Some of our authors even have 20+ years experience with the hobby. Between all of our authors, we create a lot of stuff. We may not be the best painters or sculptors, but we have a lot of experience, and its that experience were sharing with these tutorials. Odds are they wont turn you into a Golden Daemon winning painter or anything, but they may help you get on that road by taking our experience and improving upon it.

So, here you will find an assorted list of miniature hobby tutorials. The articles range from creating wargaming terrain, like hills and trees, to doing basing on miniatures, such as realistic earth basing, or creating snow and ice. Each tutorial will walk you through the entire process. We will cover the materials you need for the project, and each step in the process is explained and shown. Each tutorial has a lot of pictures, making it easy for you to follow along. What we lack in quantity of hobby tutorials, we hopefully make up for in quality.

We are routinely adding new tutorials all the time so please check back often. If youve seen something we have done, and would like us to do a tutorial on it, thenplease let us know. Making tutorials takes a lot of time and effort, which we enjoy doing, but knowing what to create and present to you all is easier with some feedback on what you would love to see.

I want to share a tutorial on how I strip miniatures. This will remove paint from plastic and metal models, as well as super glue.

A nice looking wargaming table and terrain set for under $50 that is portable, super easy to build, and theres no painting required!

This is a very simple tutorial on how to make icicles for your miniatures. It only requires a few tools and a few minutes to do.

This tutorial on how to paint a power sword will show you one of the techniques I use to get a cool glowing effect and OSL from the blade.

How to magnetize a huge star wars X-Wing ship. Great way to make your model stand out and look cooler than all the rest. These kits are sleek.

This final installment in the Ogre painting tutorial for Blood Bowl goes over the last details, like picking out details and basing.

This second part in the series on painting a Blood Bowl Ogre covers the armor, leather, and cloth on the model. This part goes fast.

Im going to teach you how to paint the skin on a Blood Bowl Ogre. This tutorial will walk you through each step in the process.

I will show you how to paint Tyranid carapace for Hive Fleet Kraken with a step-by-step tutorial of every stage in the process.

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