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Will Electric Cars Take Us Back to the Future?

Electric vehicles are poised to dominate global markets in the next few decades. What impact will they have on how we live our lives?

Creative Capital Delivers Future of eCommerce

To meet the rising demands of online shopping and the internet economy, XPO Logistics tapped Morgan Stanley for ways to finance its global growth.

Vik Muniz built Escola Vidigal in a Rio favela, where, with support from partners like Morgan Stanley, children learn to see the worldand their unique potential.

Morgan Stanleys long-standing commitment to safeguard the privacy of information our clients entrust to us is essential to our goal to be the worlds first choice for financial services. Protecting the confidentiality and security of client information has always been an integral part of how we conduct our business worldwide.

We pledge to continue to ensure that our global business practices protect your privacy.

Where applicable, more specific privacy policies are posted on the home pages of our individual businesses.

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