China Railway Logistics 2010-2015 depth industry research an

China Railway Logistics 2010-2015 depth industry research an

China Railway Logistics 2010-2015 depth industry research and investment strategy research report format

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Chapter 2009-2010 Analysis of Chinas railway development of China

1.1.1 Review the history of railway construction in China

1.1.2 Characteristics of Chinas railway industry development dialysis

1.1.3 Chinas railway industry by leaps and bounds progress

1.1.4 Sixth the second largest expansion of Chinas railway speed survival

1.2 2007-2009 Chinas Railway to run the current situation

1.2.1 2007 Chinas railway industry profile

1.2.2 2008 Review of Chinas railway industry

rail industry in 2009 1.2.3 show effects of economic growth, leading Chinese railway market opening

1.3.1 China Railway China Railway status

1.3.2 The establishment of conditions for market opening

1.3.3 Rail ways and means of opening up the market introduction of strategic investors

1.4 part of the provincial railway construction developments

1.4.4 1.4.3 Hunan, Sichuan, Guangdong

1.4.7 China Railway Construction Overview

1.5.1 joint venture railway has the mainstream of Chinas railway development

1.5.2 2009 the Ministry of Railways and vigorously promote the joint venture of Chinas railway development

1.5.3 to obtain the useful experience of railway construction

1.5.4 to promote the healthy development of joint-venture railways ten principles

1.5.5 Chinas railway development and expansion joint strategic measures

1.6 railway construction and urban planning coordination

1.6.1 the relationship between the railway and urban railway construction

1.6.2 way to adapt to urban development

1.6.3 State-owned railways in the importance of urban rail transport and mode of

1.6.4 Analysis of Wuhan, for example the railways in urban transport planning need

1.7 Chinas railway industry, the main problems

1.7.1 Chinas railway industry need for large-scale railway construction fund reform

1.7.3 Railway factors hinder the development of enterprise standardization

1.7.4 private capital into railway construction problems

1.7.5 Railway construction investment needs diversification

1.8 China Railway Construction countermeasures and suggestions

1.8.1 to solve the railway of the need to support reform measures

1.8.3 Control of the railway construction project investment proposals

1.8.4 local government participation in railway construction revelation

1.8.5 Development Strategy of the railway infrastructure

Chapter China Railway Logistics Industry 2009-2010 resolve

2.1 2009-2010 operating environment of Chinas macroeconomic environment analysis

2.1.2 Urban and Rural Chinas GDP per capita disposable income of households analysis

2.1.3 Analysis of total fixed asset investment growth

2.1.4 Analysis of total imports and exports and total retail sales of social consumer goods

2.2 2009-2010 Chinas railway industry policy environment analysis

2.2 .1 br 2.2.5 assessment of railway construction unit

2.2.6 Interim Measures to strengthen rail transport equipment overhaul program management requirements

2.3 2009-2010 Chinas Railway Logistics Industry analysis of the social environment

Chapter 2009-2010 situation analysis of Chinas logistics industry

3.1 2009-2010 Chinas logistics industry overview

3.1.1 Development of Chinas logistics industry background

3.1.2 Characteristics of Chinas logistics industry

3.1.3 logistics industry to revive the national economy has a stimulating effect

3.1.4 Chinas logistics industry policy system

3.1.5 multinationals and Chinas logistics industry

3.1.6 revitalization plan effectively boost the development of logistics industry in China

32 2009-2010 Chinas logistics industry problems

3.2.1 restricting the development of Chinas logistics industry, a major factor in

3.2.2 Development of Chinas logistics industry, the main problems

3.2.3 Chinas logistics industry is facing both internal and external

3.2.4 Chinas logistics industry need to solve the problem

4.1.4 the capacity of the logistics market logistics market transactions

4.2 2009 – Chinas logistics market in 2010

4.2.1 Overview of the overall development of Chinas logistics market logistics market overview

4.2.2 and ecological hierarchy structure model

4.2.3 Chinas logistics market forms of competition and strategy

4.2.4 needs to tap the domestic logistics market in rural areas

4.2.5 Chinas logistics market, the main deficiencies

4.2.6 Development Trend of Chinas logistics market

4.3 2009-2010 Analysis of Chinas logistics market

4.3.1 The basic needs of the logistics industry overview

4.3.2 between economic development and regional logistics demand

4.3.3 Analysis of Chinas logistics requirements into high-growth period

4.3.4 Adjustment of Chinas logistics market demand in the logistics market demand growth

4.4 2009-2010 Chinas logistics cost analysis

4.4.1 the cost of the domestic logistics industry is facing crisis

4.4.2 the reasons for Chinas logistics costs are high

4.4.3 Overview of logistics costs longitudinal control hierarchy

4.4.4 Logistics cost analysis and the optimization approach

4.4.5 logistics cost management strategy

Chapter 2009-2010 China Railway Logistics Industry Overview

5.1 Overview of railway logistics related

5.1.1 Railways role in the logistics and green logistics advantages

5.1.3 Railways and rail transport logistics difference

4.1.4 development of railway logistics strengths and weaknesses

4.1.6 Railway development of modern logistics industry and practical significance

4.1.7 distance from the railway and logistics industry

5.2 2009-2010 Overview of Chinas railway transportation

5.2.1 China to speed up the development of rail transport to narrow the wealth gap

5.2.2 China Railway Logistics remarkable

5.2.3 accelerate the construction of the railway sector modern automotive logistics base

5.2.4 railway transport enterprises to strengthen cost control review

5.2.5 rely on rail transport, logistics and business development analysis of Chinas railway

5.3 2009-2010 situation analysis of the logistics industry

China Railway Logistics Development 5.3.1 ready

5.3.2 China Railway Logistics diversified integrated analysis

5.3.3 China Railway Logistics institutional setting to carry out its business overview

5.3.4 Railway logistics to ensure delivery of goods as the goal of development time national high-speed rail network

5.3.5 build boost the development of regional logistics Chapter

China Railway 2009-2010 operation of modern logistics industry analysis

6.1 2009 – 2010 China Railway Modern Logistics Development

6.1.1 Analysis of the railway in the important role of logistics in the international railway

6.1.2 Overview of the development of modern logistics in China railway freight yard

6.1.3 for modern logistics operations analysis of the development of modern logistics

6.1.4 Railway cut into the direction of the review

6.2 2009-2010 Chinas Railway to expand modern logistics

6.2.1 SWOT analysis of the advantages of railway development of modern logistics rail

6.2.2 development of modern logistics disadvantage

6.2.3 Railway Modern Logistics the opportunity to expand the railway development of modern logistics

6.3 2009-2010 Chinas railway development of modern logistics industry legal issues

6.3 .1 Railway Modern Logistics and legal norms

6.3.2 laws to prevent the risk of rail logistics

6.3.3 Railway Modern Logistics enterprise contract management

Chapter VII of the 2009-2010
China Railway Logistics Management Planning Analysis

7.1 2009-2010 Chinas logistics hub and spoke type railway management system analysis

7.1.1 Railway logistics management system reform

7.1.2 build railway logistics management center, the center of radiation

7.1.3 style management system advantages

7.2 2009-2010 Chinas railway development of the logistics of the three options analysis

7.2.1 trunk railway transport to go play professional road

7.2.3 build professional third party logistics

7.2.4 China Railway Development Logistics in

7.3 2009-2010 Chinas rail freight business development issues and planning the logistics of rail

7.3.1 freight logistics enterprise development problems

7.3.2 The basic process of the implementation of logistics planning

7.3.3 freight logistics business development strategic positioning

7.4 2009-2010 Chinas railway development strategy and measures of logistics

7.4.1 The development of modern logistics Railway Development Strategy

7.4.2 Railway means the development of modern logistics industry, logistics and railway development

7.4.3 measures to ensure the delivery of goods

7.4.4 Target development time The analysis of

7.4.5 build railway logistics third party logistics model railway steps

7.4.6 Railway development of modern logistics industry should pay attention to the problem

Chapter 2009-2010 related industries in China Railway Logistics Operations Analysis

8.1.1 Railway Logistics Center Operations Analysis

8.1.2 railway goods yard and logistics center

8.1.3 Relationship between the railway freight station business model of the logistics center

8.1.4 inland railway container logistics center in Hong Kong

8.2.1 Railway Express Railway Express take note

8.2.2 fast development of the railway transport of goods need

8.2 .3 to create China establish a new express rail freight initiatives

8.2.4 model railway market into a new hot spot for cold-chain delivery

8.3 rail transport and third-party logistics

8.3.1 merits of the development of railway and logistics rail transport mode

8.3.2 The establishment of third-party logistics model

8.3.3 Railway transport is the railway line package entry point for the development of third-party logistics enterprises to develop railway materials

8.3.4 Advantages and third-party logistics Strategy

8.3.5 Rail freight forwarding business to a third party logistics development in the railway transport development strategy

8.3.6 The proposed third-party logistics

Chapter 2009-2010 situation analysis of Chinas logistics business

9.1 in 2009-2010 the general situation of Chinas logistics enterprises

9.1.1 Development of Chinas logistics enterprises

9.1.2 Overview of Chinas logistics business models

9.1.3 traditional logistics enterprises to modern logistics enterprises Review

9.1.4 logistics customer satisfaction

9.1.5 Analysis of the concept of innovation and development of logistics business marketing analysis

9.2 2009-2010 logistics enterprises in Chinas brand analysis

9.2.1 China analysis of the local logistics brand brand

9.2.3 to create third-party logistics companies supply chain based on the brand value of the brand Speedpost

9.3 2009-2010 Chinese private logistics enterprises

9.3.1 the development of Chinese private logistics enterprises encountered problems

9.3.2 private logistics enterprises break through the difficulties of financing strategies

9.3.3 Chinas Private logistics development strategy

9.3.4 Chinese private logistics enterprises development proposals

9.4 2009-2010 was the development of Chinese small and medium logistics enterprises

9.4.1 Chinas small and medium enterprises are facing logistics development environment

9.4 .2 domestic small and medium logistics enterprises compete on

9.4.3 Chinas small and medium enterprise development,Coiled Cables, logistics problems

9.4.4 to enhance the competitiveness of small and medium sized logistics enterprises measures proposed

9.5 2009-2010 the development of logistics enterprises in China Problems and Solutions

9.5.1 Chinas large enterprises to implement reverse logistics difficulties and countermeasures

9.5.2 the development of international logistics road

9.5.3 Chinas logistics enterprises should face bigger and stronger competition

9.5.4 logistics supply chain management optimization strategies

Chapter 2009-2010 China Railway Logistics operating companies focus on data analysis

10.1 Citroen Railway Container Logistics Co., Ltd.

10.1.4 business growth business capacity analysis

10.1.5 corporate profitability and solvency

10.2.4 business growth business capacity analysis

10.2.5 corporate profitability and solvency analysis

10.3.1 China Railway Group Limited Company Profile

10.3.3 Analysis of major economic indicators of business growth Analysis

10.3.5 business profitability and solvency analysis

Chapter XI 2010-2015 China Railway Logistics industry forecast

11.1 2010-2015 years the development trend of Chinas logistics industry

11.1.1 Development Prospect of Chinas logistics industry, logistics industry

11.1.2 professional society to develop in the direction

11.1.3 M & A into the development trend of Chinas logistics industry

11.1.4 the development prospects of Chinas logistics industry in China

11.2 2010-2015 railway logistics market outlook

11.2.1 container transport will be to develop

11.2.2 container transport will be to develop

11.2.3 Logistics visualization system will play an important role in

11.2.4 logistics equipment will greatly enhance the performance of Chapter XII 2010-2015

logistics industry, Chinas railway investment potential analysis

12.1 2010 – 2015, Chinas railway investment opportunities in the logistics industry analysis

12.1.1 Chinas logistics industry is entering a stage of rapid development of information technology investment

12.1.2 accelerate the development of logistics

12.1.3 hot domestic logistics market investment

12.1.4 the development of modern pharmaceutical logistics potential

12.1.5 fresh investment prospects for the logistics system, third-party logistics market

12.2 2010-2015 Chinas Railway Logistics industry investment risk warning

12.2.1 Chinas logistics industry risks

12.2.2 increase the scope of liability risks

12.2.4 logistics enterprises financing risks

12.3 2010-2015 logistics industry in Chinas railway investment in risk prevention

12.3.1 logistics risk prevention initiatives

12.3.2 logistics project risk prevention recommendations

12.3.3 modern logistics industry to the legal risk prevention

12.3.4 logistics outsourcing business to make an effective response

chart: the physical composition of the logistics system

chart : United States, Japan and China in the entire logistics third party logistics market share

chart: the basic market structure and logistics the main features of

chart: logistics market trading relationship between the two

chart: Supply Chain Management range

chart: the scope of production and supply chain systems

chart: logistics market structure model of the separation of state

chart position: China and the developed countries or regions the use of third-party logistics service ratio

chart: three-dimensional logistics cost analysis model

logistics cost management system: the logistics Table: Industrial hub point levels in

chart: to promote regional air transport industry gathering of international case

charts: United States Miami flowers logistics system

chart diagram of the basic model: Chinas airport business aviation logistics SWOT analysis

AIJ values: the airports aviation logistics for the key interna
l factors

chart: air logistics airport for key external factors

port logistics business flow chart: Relying on its railway transportation logistics business processes

Chart: Schematic diagram of railway logistics centers

Chart: Chinas logistics transport vehicles Kongshi rate

Chart: Chinas postal sector income and composition

letter charts: Postal logistics architecture

chart of statistical indicators: Logistics Management Information System processes

green logistics system Chart: macro green logistics system structure

chart: typical reverse supply chain and reverse the flow of information

chart: influence of external environmental factors reverse logistics framework map

chart: reverse logistics to promote and constraints

Chart: Tianjin logistics information platform integration framework

chart: Pearl River Delta, the main IT products and household electrical appliances production compared with the national

chart: the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta export

comparison chart: the Pearl River Delta social structure of the logistics system

chart: the Pearl River Delta logistics system of social market targeting

chart: the structure of logistics infrastructure

chart: logistics information system architecture

chart: a nationwide WAN logistics service system

chart: China Petroleum western distribution center layout

Chart: Chinas oil logistics and distribution center west

business planning flow chart: a logistics distribution function of information systems major modules described

charts: second logistics information system functions described in Table

Chart: Chinas oil in the western region data warehousing logistics and distribution system schematic diagram

: logistics and customer satisfaction diagram

Chart: customer satisfaction level model

chart: nine factors affecting satisfaction

customer satisfaction chart: average random consistency index

chart: from a different point of view of the proportion of Chinas logistics

Chart: Chinas third-party logistics business application analysis

chart: the logistics of supply and demand sides of a game payoff matrix

chart: you can choose various third-party logistics market positioning strategy

chart: highly specialized logistics Table

chart: a combination of third party logistics classification matrix

chart: the contents of the ladder integrated logistics services Figure

chart: the concept of e-commerce touch type

Chart: Chinas civil aviation industry IT expenditure

chart: the proportion of Chinas civil aviation industry and forecast

constitute investment charts: the key for the airport within the air logistics factor analysis

chart: air logistics airport for key external factors

chart: Airport corporate aviation logistics supply chain integration, information technology solutions

chart: the Pearl River Delta logistics system, social structure

chart : a nationwide WAN logistics service system

chart :2006-2009 Citroen Railway Container Logistics Co., Ltd. main business revenue growth trends

chart :2006-2009, China Railway Container Logistics Co.,NBA Jerseys, Citroen net profit growth trends

chart :2006-2009 Container Logistics Co., Ltd. China Railway Citroen profit chart

chart :2006-2009 China Railway Logistics Limited ability to grow container Citroen index table

chart :2006-2009, China Railway Container Logistics Co., Ltd. Citroen viability index table

chart :2006-2009, China Railway Container Logistics Co., Ltd. Citroen profitability indicators Table

chart: 2006 Citroen – 2009 Railway Container Logistics Co., Ltd. solvency indicator chart table

:2006-2009, Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway Co., Ltd. main business revenue growth trends

chart :2006-2009, Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway shares Limited net profit growth trends

chart :2006-2009 Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway Co., Ltd. profit chart

chart :2006-2009 Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway Company Limited ability to index table

growth chart: 2006 – Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway Co., Ltd. 2009 Table

viability indicator chart :2006-2009, Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway Co. profitability indicators table

chart :2006-2009, Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway Co. solvency indicators table

Chart :2006-2009, China Railway Group Main business revenue growth trends

chart :2006-2009, China Railway Group net profit growth trend chart

China :2006-2009 Railway Group profit chart

chart :2006-2009, China Railway Group Limited ability to target growth chart table

:2006-2009, China Railway Group Limited management capacity indicators table

Chart :2006-2009,MLB hats, China Railway Group Limited profitability indicators table

chart :2006-2009, China Railway Group Limited solvency indicators Table

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