Practical tips and tricks for sex

6 great moments of sex make you unable to stop

Can’t sleep when it’s stressful

A study conducted by a sleep management expert and a gender relationship consultant in the United Kingdom found that the more busy and stressful the people are during the day, the more likely they are to sleep in the evening, and the most effective way to relieve tiredness and prevent insomnia is to have a passion for sex. . Sex, as a method of decompression, can bring warmth to the skin, closeness of the two hearts, and relaxation and tranquillity after the passion. All these can’t be replaced by other methods. Of course, sometimes stress may also reduce sexual desire. At this time, the other half need more care and help eliminate the psychological burden.

Two days before and after the couple

Everyone knows that couples will be more lingering after a small family. In fact, couples are also very eager for sex before the first two or three days. A study in Australia shows that when a partner is separated for some reason, it will produce a feeling of loss and increase the sense of insecurity. At this time, sex can best eliminate this negative emotion. This is particularly prominent in women.

After sleeping on the weekend to wake up naturally

On the relaxed weekend, the two embrace each other and wake up naturally. The mood is extremely relaxed. At the same time, looking at each other’s sexy naked appearance, libido is easily stimulated. The famous Red Book report in the American sex science magazine pointed out that in the morning, male male hormones are vigorous and easy to have morning Bo. At this time, sexual desire is the strongest and needs sex to release. This can give a good mood to the day.

On the occasion of the wedding anniversary

Birthdays, wedding anniversaries… Women are always looking forward to some days. A survey in Italy shows that when women think of a wedding anniversary, the gift they most want to receive is not flowers and jewelry, but sex that is as passionate as marriage.

When a man’s beard grows too fast

Beard is a unique sign of men. A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology pointed out that males have different growth conditions for beards at different times. When the beard grows vigorously and densely, it shows that male hormones are excreted vigorously and males may have stronger sexual desires. The study also found that males who frequently shave more focus on their own image and hygiene, and their relationship with their partners is also more intimate and the marriage life is more harmonious. However, experts pointed out that we cannot determine the quality of one’s sexual ability with the condition of a man’s beard.

When you want a child

American sexologists pointed out that it is very romantic to say “We want a child” to the other half. When you want to be pregnant, the couple’s desire for sex will rise to a new level. Without worrying about contraception, sex will become more relaxed.

Don’t forget to do a good job of self-protection when you have extreme sex. Especially when you don’t want children, you should do more protective measures. It is necessary to use good condoms. At the same time, women’s training before sex can improve the attractiveness of sex. Women use Durex Love Beads for training, which allows the pelvic floor muscles to be exercised, gradually increasing their muscle strength and improving their sexual life.

There are still such skills in the original sexual activities. They really live and learn. To maintain a harmonious and good sexual relationship, both husband and wife should work hard.