A few tips to better explore the sensitive parts of both sides for sex

Sexual activity is an everyday activity that everyone is embarrassed to talk about and think everyday. Some techniques in sexual life can make sexual harmony more perfect.

Making love is not to say that rigidly maintaining a posture and moving in and out of a gesture, there is no pleasure in talking about sexual love will be abandoned by the rhythm of the pursuit of pleasure in modern society.

Sexologists believe that before you enjoy a great bedtime sex campaign, accurately screening your sexual sensitivity belts will increase your pleasure index by three levels and make sexual pleasure more intense.

1, private parts

Men’s emotional attention may be scattered occasionally, but the center of physical pleasure is very concentrated. The upper body is used for thinking and judgment, and the lower body is used to withstand the touch of pleasure.

Do not think that only women are like water, and men need special comfort at certain times. Do not equate “him” with the hand of a car. Even if it is holding the original intention of research, we must also protect our “equipment”.


In addition to what is conveyed in the eyes, another important sign of masculinity for men is the firm and visible buttocks. 80% of women admit that men’s body-building hips are more sexy than skin color, height, voice, etc., and it is easier for women to imagine. Men who frequent the gym are naturally unusual, and the creation of key areas cannot be ignored.

In addition to the chest, more than 90% of men believe that the buttocks convey more female information. As a very important semicircle in the S-curve, the hip is usually one of the body parts that a man is most eager to care for.

2, inner thigh

Men are similar to chests here, and a large number of men are itchy. Therefore, the index of attention here varies from person to person. Sometimes men do not attend to this part, only want to enter the topic as soon as possible.

If you look at it, it must be painful. The reason is known to everyone. The reason for further thinking is that there are too many nerve endings here.

So if you forget about the inside of your thigh, it’s a pity. This part of the woman does not seem to have much problem, and the statement that the erogenous zone spreads throughout the body is strongly proved again.

According to a survey that covers the entire world and does not remember the gender, style’s position of having sex is up to 28% of the world’s supporters. It is only slightly inferior to the female and is second to none. It is because men can take care of it. Look at the two legs.

3, feet

Hold the man’s ankle in arms, induce the male’s feet with inclusive sexuality, and use the feet for men to complete the touch that his hand should complete. This has a bottom-up impulse for men. For men, the sexual touch of their feet is more sensitive and stronger during the foreplay period. ☆

Although the “three-inch golden lotus” is a morbid sexual indication, for women, the sensitivity of the bipedal sexual touch is often overlooked. Different from males, the sexual sensation is stimulated by sex. Pressing on the toes, especially the toes, is often an unexpected catalyst for climax.

TIPS: The cue and touch of men and women are the first, and the touch is the second. Otherwise, under the mechanical touch of Scripture, only the other half of you will feel that you are a breathable inflatable doll or a vibrator with four limbs.

Some people think that women’s sexually-sensitive areas are no less than forty, and they can trigger enough sexual excitement. Relatively speaking, men’s sexually sensitive areas may be more concentrated.

The wonderful relationship between sexual touch and age: With age, there are wonderful changes in the sexually sensitive areas of the entire body of men and women. In males, the sensitivity of central touch is reduced, and the sexually sensitive area is generalized to the whole body. With the increase of age, the sensitive areas of sexual touch tend to be more direct and more intense central stimuli due to the needs of the long-lasting caress of the girlhood era.

In the case of complete communication between the parties, it may be better to use the tip of the tongue instead of the fingertips. This 1:10 replacement, with a wet touch of body fluids, may be ten times more sensitive to the other’s sexual touch.

4, lips and teeth

Females use their tongue tiptoes to squint between their lips and teeth. This action often visually awakens men’s sexual touch. The interaction between lips and teeth – kissing, for men, is more to stimulate a clearer impulse. At this moment, the long drive of the male tongue began to invite the carnival in an aggressive manner.

It is the female who is the most euphoric from the kiss. It is not necessarily indebted to many women but it must be remembered. In fact, for women’s sexually sensitive areas, the lips and tongue of men are strong irritants.

5. Neck and ears

Touching the neck is a kind of hint for the man. The man’s ear lobe is a particularly sensitive and sexy area. Please don’t forget this corner when you kiss. More than 45% of men admit that their earlobe can evoke pleasure. Among them, breathing, whispering, and affection are all important parts of teasing this area.

The sensitivity of a woman to the ear is used by almost every man who wants to conquer. If a wet kiss with heavy breathing sound extends from the back of the ear to the back of the neck, the woman’s will to hold and resist will eventually shake in the rushing experience.

6, chest / breast

Too much preparatory activity will sweep away a lot of interest, and being smart is the beginning of mistakes. Nipples are erections, which have long passed the boundaries of gender. Do not

In most cases, a man’s spiky response is due to excessively low temperature or pain. Some men shouted in their hearts: Do not move our nipples except

Itching is pain. Therefore, the action of the man’s chest is still saving. For this part, men are interested in comforting each other instead of being soothed.

The woman’s breast is sacred, and the beauty of Venus is not broken due to a broken arm. The beautiful chest plays a decisive role. Over 90% of female compatriots in the world

It is thought that the position of the breast in caress will not be shaken. Focusing on the beautiful buds, the heat gradually decreases as the radius increases. A special reminder is that the breasts are more sensitive before menstruation because increased estrogen levels make the breast tissue firmer and firmer, and react more strongly when stroked.

7, back

Women naturally have more comfort tools, long hair, chest, delicate fingers. And men are not so unique in this regard. For men’s back, massage and itching form is a serious need to abandon, to make a fuss about the frequency is the mind, the only difference is that they need more power.

As the most advanced life on this planet, we and the gorillas are the only two animals that are face-to-face. Hugging is inevitable, the stroking back

It is also in vagrancy. The back of the woman silently created the foundation of the sigmoid curve. Along the sides of the spine, there are many mysteries hidden between the ribs and the waist. here

The nerve endings are higher than other parts of the body. Too much erotic work tells you that S runs through all of the woman’s sexual arousal zones, and the breathtaking back in Late Mother proved everything.

8, lower abdomen

At this point, it means that the focus will soon be on. But please do not rush to go down and hang his appetite. The navel is not just the beginning of life

In the garbage that we left behind, 9% of men claimed that stroking the belly and navel would bring pleasure.

The smooth lower abdomen below the navel is the best way for a man to grow up. The main dish has not yet come up and enjoy the appetizer salad bar. In addition, the groin and navel are more women

People long for the focus of caress. Ninety percent of women think that they have too much fat, but only 2% of men share the same opinion.

There are still such techniques. Everyone should take responsibility in married life and strive to create a more harmonious relationship.