Chemical Tanker

Navik Global has an unparalleled industry experience spanning 70+ years with leading global shipping, trade, management and logistics companies, joined hands to form a Boutique Maritime Brand NAVIK, in 2016. We offer complete end-to-end shipping and freight solutions. Our focus is on several significant verticals of commercial shipping with oil/chemical tankers being the front-runner. We assemble long haul vital associations with our customers and persistently strive to protect their commercial interests by keeping the vessels well maintained and operating safely and efficiently. Our state of the art management techniques, next generation technology, and professional manpower onshore and onboard ensures safety and security aspects of the vessels and the crew. Navik Global maintains zero tolerance policy for MARPOL to minimize environmental pollution.

Navik Global takes pride on its Lineage, Heritage transparency in all transactions and impeccable quality of its services. This helps us establish mutual trust.Read More

Navik Global will charter tonnage for routes not usually covered by liner-service companies, and also for items that would normally not be transported as containerized or conventional cargo on a liner vessel.

A Technical Superintendent is made available for the ship on 24 x 7 basis.

In case the vessels Superintendent is travelling, a backup superintendent follows the vessel, the follow up includes monitoring of all messages from VSL, Agents, Charterers, Port Authorities, Insurance, Repair Team, Spares & Stores Supplies Team, Forwarder, Class Surveyor, Crew matters, Quality matters, Ship Performance and Ship Inspection.

Marine Manager is also available 24×7 for all safety and emergency issues, cargo related operations, voyage management, insurance related issues, vetting, crew performance monitoring, ISM implementation, safety implementation, ship inspection and port inspection.

A marine superintendent will visit and sail with the vessel every 6 months and submits a detailed report to the owners.

Quality and safety is part of our system and is essential for maintaining the high standards that our company has set. A Quality Superintendent conducts audits of the vessel and office to confirm the adherence to quality norms.

Daily meetings with the technical and marine superintendents are held to discuss all ship matters.

We draw our strength from our team of highly qualified and immensely experienced personnel. With our innovative techniques, use of next generation technology, acquisition of new technical skills, impeccable planning and execution of set strategies to achieve the set objectives and beyond gives us a severe competitive edge over the rest of the market players.

Navik Globals transparent style of working, zero tolerance policy for MARPOL, State of the art management skills, well-maintained vessels and professional manpower clearly defines its high-efficiency standards. Navik Globals regulation, coherence, excellent leadership and cost effective services further vouch for its efficiencies.

Navik Global offers premium quality services to all its clients. High service frequency, customer oriented services, optimal vessel size, and Extensive market coverage nationally and internationally, easy accessibility and professional manpower onshore and onboard distinguish Navik Globals high-class services from its so called competitors in the market.

Navik Globals well established and profound partnership with the industrys best global shipping, trade, management, and logistics companies makes it stand out in the crowd. Navik Global with the help of its wide agent network has access to a worldwide network of vessels.

by a team of highly skilled, experienced and dedicated professionals

We are committed to an incident free workplace, everyday, everywhere

What are the different types of Chemical Tankers?

Chemical tankers are designed for carrying dangerous products and chemicals from one port to another.

A ship must meet certain specific criteria as well as regulations, in order to achieve the chemical tanker certification.

Marine management services are not only restricted to mere delivery of liquids and chemicals in bulk.

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