PL Shipping Co, member of the leading PL Group, headquartered in Athens, is a new generation shipping company with a dynamic presence in the shipping industry.

The companys business culture reflects a dedication to the proud, Greek maritime tradition, sophisticated knowledge of todays global market and finance, and an open channel of communication with clients and collaborators.

PL Shipping Co is making great strides in building a keen competitiveness in the dry bulk sector. Toward this goal, a new, fully operational ship management company provides the highest level of service through a quality-driven team of marine experts.

In 2007, PL Shipping Co purchased its first ship. Presently, the fleet includes three bulk carriers, with projections for increasing the number of vessels, to maintain a robust fleet ensuring maximum safety and performance

The Groups vision is to innovate a 21st century shipping enterprise representing a modern, sizable fleet, exceptional standard of transportation services, compliance with international regulations for safety, as well as protection of the blue seas and human life

PHONE: (+30) 210 62 00 008 // FAX: (+30) 210 62 00 680 // INFO (@) PLSHIPPING.GR