The Internet Guide to Freighter Travel

The links that follow provide information about the shipping company, vessels (owned and chartered), sailing schedules and routes. It is not all inclusive as not all companies have web sites and can only be reached via an agent. Many new sites have come on line in the past year and I suspect there will be more in the future. A lot of shipping companies are now booking direct, some are not. This does not mean that booking direct is cheaper than through an agent. The rate charged by the ships agent will include the cost of administration. In this situation you are cutting out the travel agent, but not the commission, as it is included in the daily rate charged by the ships general agent. One of the visitors to the site has submitted evidence that direct booking, at least with one company, may in fact cost more than agent bookings.

The owner of the vessel sets the cost of the cabin. When trying to determine the cost of a voyage, be sure to add in the cost of deviation insurance, port charges and custom fees, otherwise you are comparing apples and oranges.

Some of the links below are directly to the general passenger agent, acting for a particular company(s).

The MV Aurora Explorer- The Aurora Explorer is a 135-foot landing craft. It operates from a base at Campbell River, transporting a wide variety of heavy equipment and general freight throughout the Gulf of Georgia, Johnstone-Queen Charlotte Straits and all connecting mainland inlets. Here is a way to visit the beautiful S.W. Canadian coast in a truly unique way.

Bank Line- Andrew Weir Shipping Group offers an Around the World Service on the ARUNBANK, FOYLEBANK, SPEYBANK, and TEIGNBANK. These ships depart monthly from Dunkirk, France travelling to Papette in Tahiti, various sparsely populated and unspoiled islands in the South Pacific, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Singapore then via the Suez Canal or South Africa, before returning to Europe. The cruise duration is about 110-120 days, with port time ranging for 1 to 3 days. Other voyages available to the Baltic and to the Caribbean.

CMA CGM The French Line, Paris,represented in the U.K.. by The Cruise People, or book direct with the shipping line at

CMA CGM The French Line, Paris, represented in North America by Maris.

Canada MaritimeSome of their ships carry passengers on the North Atlantic route between Montreal and Europe.

Compagnie Polynsienne de Transport Maritime, Papet, Tahiti

Contship Container LinesCheck their routes to get an idea what is available.

Egon OldendorffA nice feature of their web site is the ability to track their ships any place in the world. Just click satellite positions.

Grimaldi Lines Web Site- GRIMALDI FREIGHTER CRUISES – Manager Passenger Service

13, Via Marchese Campodisola – 80133 NAPLES\Italy

Fax: +39 081 5517716 – Phone: +39 081 496212 — Book freighter voyages direct to ports all over the world. This company is part of the Hamburg-Sud Group and is the general passenger agent for most European bookings.

Hanseatic Shipping Co. Ltd (Schulte Group)- Direct booking.

NSB (Niederelbe Schiffahrtsgesellschaft Buxtehude)Owns and manages ships that travel the world over – Book direct.

PZM Polish Steamship Company, Szczecin

Rickmers ReedereiExcellent website – pictures, available voyages, ship details. (German & English).

Transeste Shipping, Hamburg-This is is new web site and schedules have not been posted. This company does book directly and acts as general passenger agent for their customers.