United Natural Foods Inc v Cardinal Logistics Management Corporation

United Natural Foods, Inc. v. Cardinal Logistics Management Corporation

North Carolina Western District Court

49:14706 Cargo Damage Claim – Interstate Commerce Act

Cardinal Logistics Management Corporation

Miscellaneous Filing by Cardinal Logistics Management Corporation. re:Notice of Removal, Notice of Filing of Acknowledgement of Removal by State Court Clerk of Court(Kelly, Christopher)

SECOND Notice to Patricia Harvey: Pursuant to Local Rule 83.1 you are required to Register for ECF at[LINK: . Deadline by

Notice to Conduct Initial Attorneys Conference

NOTICE pursuant to Local Rule 16.1 you are required to conduct an Initial Attorneys Conference within 14 days. At the conference, the parties are required to discuss the issue of consent to jurisdiction of a magistrate judge in accordance with Local Rules 16.1(A) and 73.1(C). The[LINK:Certificate of Initial Attorneys Conference] , and if applicable, the[LINK:Joint Stipulation of Consent to Exercise jurisdiction by a US Magistrate Judge] , should be filed within 7 days of the conference. If appropriate, a party may file a Motion to Stay the Initial Attorneys Conference. CIAC Report due by

Case assigned to District Judge Martin Reidinger and Magistrate Judge Dennis Howell. Notice: You must click this link to retrieve the[LINK:Case Assignment Packet] . This is your only notice – you will not receive a separate document. (bar)

ANSWER to Complaint by Cardinal Logistics Management Corporation.(Rothecker, Kaitlin)

NOTICE OF REMOVAL from Buncombe County District Court, case number 17cvd02688. (Filing fee $ 400 receipt number ), filed by Cardinal Logistics Management Corporation.(Rothecker, Kaitlin) Modified text of Attachments 1 & 2 on

Exhibit B: Affidavit of Jeff Stupps,

Notice of Filing of Notice of Removal,

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