Damage Prevention of Goods In-Transit

End-to-End Loss & Theft Prevention of Goods

Returnable Supply Chain Assets Monitoring

Real-time information for delivery optimization and ETA

On-time delivery is a critical concern for logistics companies. They are looking for ways to optimize delivery routes, control costs, and provide value-added service to their customers. Current monitoring solutions, such as fleet management systems, dont meet their needs. They lack insight analytics into transporter performance and route exceptions or foresight analytics into ETA or theft or spoilage risk.

Roambee partners with 3PL and logistics companies to provide real-time visibility they can use both to monitor shipments and to offer as a value-added service to their customers.

Roambees traceability solution uses rugged, portable devices (Bees) to send real-time data about shipments to the cloud, where its available from an easy-to-access web portal. The service includes real-time event alerts, reports and analytics providing logistics companies with data on routes, detention times, deviations from routes or protocols, shipment condition, and ETA. Roambee analyzes real-time data in the context of historical data, providing the information required to optimize the delivery approach to small and large distributors. Companies can give their customers the ability to access the web portal for real-time tracking information, including ETA. There is no upfront investment in hardware or software infrastructuresfees are assessed on a per-device basis when a device is in use. Roambees innovative, pay-as-you-go model makes shipment monitoring an affordable solution for logistics companies looking to improve service quality and customer satisfaction.

Optimize delivery routes.With a Roambee Bee embedded within a delivery vehicle, you have the ability to collect extensive route data, including stops and distance traveled. This information can be leveraged to determine best routes and optimize delivery schedules.

Shorten delivery windows.Even if youre using leased trailers, the Bee enables you to have real-time data on shipment status and delivery status. You always know the shipment location, so you can provide advance notification of when a shipment is going to arrive.

Roambees services give you real-time data on shipment movement and stops so you can optimize delivery routes and manage short delivery windows. Detention time calculations provide insights into average wait times at loading docks and delivery destinations. Logistics companies can easily share this real-time data with both the manufacturer and shipment recipient, helping to streamline the shipment process at both ends and increase on-time deliveries.

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Join hundreds of companies across the globe already using Roambees innovative technology and affordable pay-as-you-go model to monitor their shipments and their assets in the field, with no upfront investment in hardware or software.