Air freight vs Express

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[IEE]Air freight vs Express(self.FulfillmentByAmazon)

submitted2 years agobyRyFba

I have a supplier that quoted me $3900 for express (I could have it shipped express for $1900) and $1100 for air freight. For air freight I could pick it up at the airport. Obviously I should talk to a customs broker/forwarder, but I was wondering if anyone here has experience with air freight. Are the logistics of air freight similarly complicated to sea freight? Estimated difference in shipping time between air frieght and express?

Private Labeling2 points3 points4 points2 years ago(2 children)

Air freight for me comes out to around $2.75/kg while express comes in around $5/kg.

Air freight will include a couple hundred more in fees and more work because you need a broker and have to go pick it up. And yes its similarly complicated to sea freight. Just much faster.

1 point2 points3 points2 years ago(1 child)

Private Labeling1 point2 points3 points2 years ago(0 children)

I always have my supplier arrange it.

1 point2 points3 points2 years ago(2 children)

You will need a customs broker for air freight. With express, the express company is doing all that for you.

A customs broker/frieght forwarder will track everything and clear your shipment through customs. Then you go to the airport with photo ID and cos in hand and cash to pay the airline fee ($50-80). They will load it or bring it forward so you can load it and you are on your way.

In terms of time, air freight is a flight or two, so its a few days vs 6 weeks.

[S]1 point2 points3 points2 years ago(1 child)

It looks like youre comparing air and sea freight in that last comment. So Im guessing air freight and express is about the same as far as shipping time? I know there are ~$500 in fixed fees involved with receiving a sea shipment, are there similar fees for air freight or is customs brokerage all thats required, along with the airline fee?

1 point2 points3 points2 years ago(0 children)

Ahh yes sorry. Express and air freight are similar times with all things considered.

As far as the fees it will vary depending on broker but it is similar. you are looking around 250-300 in actual fixed fees though for the service, then duties on top of that. Plus picking it up.

Sometimes air freight is worth it, and sometimes it isnt if your orders are still small.

1 point2 points3 points2 years ago(0 children)

Sometimes suppliers with quote outrageous Express quotes because they want to make a bit more profit. Generally, an honest supplier will quote you around $4/kg. I always wanted to try Freighteo to see if I could get it lower.

Anyway, air freight is a few days slower than Express. There is no concrete answer because much depends on how fast the goods are picked up, when the flight leaves etc. There is often a 3 day delay from when you place an order and when your goods are picked up. Your goods are also less likely to be damaged. I wouldnt say it is complicated. Sea freight itself isnt complicated, although there are many chains of command…

It is best to work with a freight forwarder that is also a customs broker. They will be able to quote you and handle everything when it gets to the airport. They will also be able to truck it to your house for an extra fee.

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