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Hint for ntact a company near your horses origin or destination. Transporters can always organize a trip to somewhere else…..finding horses that get them closer to home is more difficult. Many horse transporters have a web page showing their upcoming trips. Add your favorite transporter by emailing details

Full service company arranging the transport of your horse by truck and by airplane from Europe to Canada and the United States (Import) and from Canada to Europe (Export). Full stable-to-stable services, transportation by air and/or road, quarantine stabling, all documentation and also insurances if required.

All of our staff are experienced horsemen and go through extensive training before working with horses on aircrafts. We can arrange to ship, receive and transfer shipment of fresh and frozen semen to and from anywhere in the world.

Exporting Horses from the USA, NEDPOINT Full Service Export includes USDA-required isolation/daily care, testing and preparation of all health certificates and documents, trimming by farrier (if needed), transport to airport of departure, USDA charges, export handling and air freight costs at departure airport until airport of arrival. NEDPOINTs Isolation facility consists of 20x (12×12) stalls bedded with pine shavings over rubber matted floors, 12x (60×120) paddocks with open stalls for broodmares or young horses, 1x 6 horse walker, multiple grass turn out paddocks, heated underwater Aqua-tread (additional charges), timers provide 16 hours of lighting each day. Horses are blanketed as needed during cooler months at NO extra charge. Our staff is dedicated to caring for each horses individual needs.


Comments: Serving all of USA. I am the owner/operator and I will be the one delivering your horse. I take very good care of the horses I transport. I do overnight stops in which the horses are stalled for the night. Excellent rates and references, 40 years experience with horses. DOT 0000, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Serving Southeast, Southwest USA. 35 years hauling horses, training & showing. Holding facilities available. All new equipment. Direct runs if needed. DOT 1614045, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Serving nationwide, lower 48 states. We are a family owned and operated business based out of the Billings, MT area. We care and transport your horse in a first class manner with a lifetime of horse experience. We have a seven horse slant, full stud dividers and can also make box stalls for your mares and colts. We travel nationwide in the lower 48 states and carry cargo insurance. Let us provide the first class travel for our horse transport needs. DOT 0000, MC/ICC 0000.

Weekly trips between Seattle and Southern California/Arizona, and trips between the west and east coast approximately every 10 days. 30 years of experience. Vans are equipped with air ride, various stall configurations, wide doors, low ramps with side walls, ventilation for comfortable airflow and temperature and extra room for tack. Stops every 4 hours. We accept major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) cash, cashiers check, or money order

Black Oak Farm and Horse Transport, Inc.

Comments: Serving East Coast, Florida to Canada. Making weekly trips up and down the coast. Custom made trailer with extra large stalls. Box stalls available. Video monitored by team drivers. Available for local and long distance hauls. DOT 1952661, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Serving all states. 2 trips weekly, north Cal to south LA. Personal care, professional service. Always free booking. 30 years experience hauling, specializing in stallions, mares & foals and first timers. Custom trailer, private slots with custom built doors and box stalls. Door to door service. First class rig. Clean, safe, dependable. Please call for friendly customer care. Satisfaction guaranteed always. DOT 0000, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Serving all 48 States in the USA and all Canadian provinces. Founded in 1955, Brook Ledge has continued a tradition of the safest, quietest and most comfortable horse transportation available throughout the US and Canada. DOT 85484, MC/ICC 96448.

Comments: Serving USA & Canada. For nearly 30 years I have provided horse transportation throughout the Midwest and specialized box stall service across the US and Canada. I maintain the best record for on-time delivery and, with my constant maintenance of up to date air-ride equipment, without delays for in-route breakdowns. I provide safe, caring and knowledgeable service. License: available upon request. DOT 0000, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Serving USA/Canada by land. Family owned and operated equine transport company. We are fully licensed and insured. We seek to provide both horse and owner with a safe, efficient and stress free experience. DOT 2275886, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Serving 48 states of USA. DOT licensed and insured including cargo insurance. Visit our web site and let our references speak to our services. Customers say it best. DOT 1292358, MC/ICC 573890.

Comments: Serving to and from the midwest from all points in the United States. We provide safe and reliable horse hauling and horse shipping. DOT 1017668, MC/ICC 671241.

Comments: Serving Midwest to the East Coast of USA. I am the owner and operator with 20 years of experience transporting horses. Customer service and the special care of your horse is my number one goal. DOT N/A, MC/ICC N/A.

Comments: Crofton Transport is a certified livestock transporter providing 35 years of door to door service throughout Canada and the USA. We combine horsemanship, strict safety standards, new equipment and professional trucking for a winning combination! DOT (given upon request), MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Serving coast to coast 48 states. We are a small family owned and operated business with over 37 years experience in the horse industry and have a fleet of trucks covering the United States. (We have at least one rig in California weekly.) DOT 0000, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Serving lower 48. Trailer is 2013 Trails West 6 horse slant, camera equipped. Personal care always. Owner/driver Bob Hardy has been in business since 2005. DOT given upon request, MC/ICC given upon request.

Comments: Serving USA. 20 years in horse shipping, with overnight stops off the trailer, professional care and video monitoring. DOT 0000, MC/ICC 0000.

D. Edmondson Horse Transportation LLC

Comments: Serving Pacific Northwest, CA, AZ, CO, WY, UT & MT. 30 years in the horse transport business. DOT 2112046, MC/ICC 736338.

DDP High Desert Equine Transport, LLC

Comments: Serving all of the USA. Providing safe, reliable, on-time transportation at a very competitive price. 22 years of Class A commercial, accident & citation free driving experience. 6 horse, slant load trailer has 2 ramps and drop down windows with bars, slider windows and overhead vents on each stall which allows us to regulate the temperature and airflow. The horse area is fully insulated and equipped with huge exhaust fans. Each stall has a ceiling-to-floor, front-to-back, solid, stud wall divider which converts into box stalls. DOT 1910864, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Serving United States and Canada. Reliable horse transportation since 1983 with one on one care and door to door service for our customers horses.

Comments: Serving all 48 states. Local and long distance equine transport, good equipment and reasonable rates. Fresh water and good grass hay available at all times. Over 15 years experience. Custom hauling for the horse owner who wants their horse right away. DOT 0000, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Serving USA & Canada. We offer complete equine transports services for 48 states and Canada – nationwide. Team drivers w/over 35 years of experience. References available. Completely insured and licensed. Regular routine stops and layovers available. DOT 0000, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Stress-free equine transportation within Canada and throughout the US. Hauling one or a small herd of horse
s in single, double, stall-and-a-half or special care for weanling/yearlings, mares with foals, or stallions requiring box stalls. Regular hauls to Florida, Texas, Kentucky, California, Arizona, Alberta and all points in between.

Comments: Serving California & Texas to New England states. 30 years transport experience, both nationally and international. Two times per month shipment going from TX to CA and TX to New England. Have 100 acre

ranch/stable near DFW with 18 stalls for overnight or

Comments: Family owned equine transport company, hauling throughout the USA and Canada.20 years experience. Our trailer is fully air ride with electric/hydraulic brakes. Video monitor and regular stops to rest, water and feed. We provide updates to owners during transportation and can accommodate special needs. DOT 1992018, MC/ICC 0000.

Francisco Vidales Livestock and Horse Transport

Comments: Serving nationwide. Family owned transport service with 13 years experience. References available upon request. Discounts for multiple animals and repeat business. DOT 2007421, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Nation Wide Transportation. Pick up and delivery is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We accept cash, money orders, Western Union and Wal Mart Money Gram, Paypal

Comments: Serving USA & Canada. I have hauled horses successfully for thirty years. I stop every night and Im an extremely safe driver. DOT 1701898, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Serving USA. Our equipment consists of well maintained modern towing vehicles. Our trailers are very sanitary stainless steel and aluminum, are well-ventilated and/or have climate controlled heat and air that is temperature monitored the entire trip. We also travel with fresh water, food and first aid equipment. DOT 0000, MC/ICC0000.

Comments: Serving nationwide USA. Family owned and operated business. We stop every 3 to 4 hours on the road. We are located in southern Indiana to serve your requests nationwide. DOT 1549085, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Serving east of the Mississippi. Two custom-built horse trailers, one Hawk 4 horse head to head with three large box stalls separated by a floor to ceiling, ventilated wall, and a 2-horse Kingston gooseneck built for the large horses and has a box stall built in. The owner/driver is a veterinary technician, specializing in moving mares with foals and bad loaders. We also operate a horse show shuttle in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia. DOT 1721853, MC/ICC 634408.

JJ Sander Family LLC Horse Transportation

Comments: Serving Central, Southern and Eastern USA. Hauling available from Ohio to Florida or Texas and all states in between. Very dependable and has references. DOT 1957099, MC/ICC NA.

Comments: Serving USA, & Canada. 3 horse maximum per load. 2 hour max. pickup detours. Overnight stabling on long hauls. DOT 0000, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Serving nationwide USA. We are a one rig, family run business. We have a 6 horse head to head trailer which can convert to extra wide or box stalls if you need them. Photos of your horse are emailed at pick up and daily until delivery. DOT authorized operators and commercially insured. DOT 2304426, MC/ICC 786722.

Comments: Serving continental USA. Small company with 20 years experience. Custom care, direct service, bi-monthly trips to Texas. Transport all disciplines, specializing in hunter/jumpers. DOT 0000, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Serving USA and Canada. I have an enclosed gooseneck slant load trailer capable of hauling five horses comfortably. Living quarters in the trailer allows me to stay with the horses at all times. I am a retired FBI Agent. DOT 2283532, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Professional Horsemen operating safe, comfortable, state of the art equipment. Four 15-horse vans to choose from. Pickup and 4-horse for local deliveries. Licensed by the US Department Of Transportation, and the Interstate Commerce Commission, this fully insured carrier can ship local or coast-to-coast.

Comments: Serving all 48 states of USA. New 6 horse slant all aluminum Exiss, with padded walls, floor, on board water system, full length dividers. Safe dependable horse transport with plenty of references from years of transporting. Fully licensed & insured. US DOT961125 MC748734.

Comments: Serving 48 contiguous states of USA. Semi pulling Pegasus air ride van (18-wheeler); box stalls –we do not tie. With 86 ceiling, can transport all sizes, miniatures to drafts. Husband & wife team; we pickup, we deliver. Cell phone & laptop computer WIFI service to keep in contact with owners. 200 gallons water carried on board (heated in winter), plumbed to each breezeway. Audio/video monitoring from cab of our truck. DOT registered and compliant in all 48 states. DOT 1523101, MC/ICC 568826.

Comments: Serving coast to coast. 10 years experience in a wide range of hauling services. Coast to coast hauling. We stop to water ever two hours and check horses. We always use the same driver who knows horses and how to look for problems. DOT 0000, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Professional horse transport serving 48 States and Canada. Offering high quality alfalfa hay, clean heavily bedded stalls, standard or box stalls, supplements and medications given upon request, direct routes to your destination. We accept cash, money orders, certified checks, and pre-authorized personal

Montana Express Horse Transportation

Comments: Serving all of USA and export to central South America. 20 yrs of experience in the horse industry. Our trucks & trailers meet USDA inspection standards. DOT 0000, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Serving 48 lower states. Transporting horses for 12 years. Direct routes. Newer equipment. All stall sizes to meet your needs. DOT 0000, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Serving USA nationwide with 15 years of transport experience. Scheduled pickups. New and well maintained equipment. One-on-one service via the most direct route. Transporting young horses, mares and foals. References. DOT 1774436, MC/ICC 647549.

Comments: Serving continental USA. Family operation in the horse business for 25 years. New equipment with ramps, rubber pads and stallion dividers. Our trucks are new dualies equipped with navigational and Bluetooth systems for added safety. Multi-horse discounts.

Comments: Parlier Equine Transport is a professional horse transport business owned and operated by a family of lifelong horsemen and lifelong professional truck drivers. Operating out of Denver, North Carolina, we maintain regular monthly routes from the East Coast to the West Coast, providing nationwide horse delivery with an emphasis on safety, reliability and experienced care of the horses entrusted to us. We know horse behavior and our focus is on the careful, patient handling of your horse. Serving the horse industry for more than 34 years, we love our work, love our horses, and we appreciate our clients who make living and working with horses possible. Feel confident leaving your horse in our care. DOT613581 MC/ICC316590.

Comments: Equine Transportation Specialists Serving Canada and Points Between Canada and the United States. PERRY TRANSPORT LIMITED has been serving customers for 20 years with safe, reliable and cost effective service. With clean, well maintained equipment and an experienced, efficient staff, we set the standard in equine transportation.

Comments: Serving NJ, NY, PA, VA, FL, TX, AL, MS, LA, GA, SC, NC, CT, MA, WV, OK, AR, MD, DE. We are a fully insured legal horse transport company running multi rigs, all air ride. We can provide box stalls, stall and a halfs or single stalls. We make regular trips to and from FL and TX from the northeast.

Comments: Serving the lower 48 states and Alaska since 2002. Based 30 minutes west of Gainesville, FL. Late model, clean comfortable equipment. Box stalls, direct ship, totally stress free and the best professional handlers. We make annual trips to Alaska between May and August every year. In full compliance with DOT and FMCSA. Thank you for considering our company. DOT 1651596, MC/ICC 608345.

Serving from Texas to the East and from Florida to Canada. Small company providing custom transport tailored to your needs, with continuous updates and direct communication with the drivers at all times. DOT 2293372, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Serving nationwide USA. Premier horse shippers, free transport quotes, and safe and dependable horse transportation. DOT 0000, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Serving greater USA. Sole proprietor with over 1 million miles logged in the past 8 years and never had an incident with a customers horse. Honest, on time horseman with nationwide references. DOT 0000, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Serving all of the continental US with the exception of the states northeast of OH, KY and NC. Good communication and customer satisfaction guaranteed. Overnight boarding arranged upon request. Regular vehicle/trailer maintenance and cleanings. We provide excellent service and fair pricing. Excellent references provided upon request. DOT 0000, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Serving south and southeastern states. Two reliable well maintained trucks and 5 horse slant load or two stall stock trailer for shorter trips. Two horseman/drivers with 30 plus years experience. References available upon request. DOT 2187158, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Serving Canada & United States. 20 years experience. Licensed and bonded to handle transportation of horses in Canada and the United States. (Canada license s) DOT SK 1999, MC/ICC 298 EGT.

Comments: Serving Northeast, Midwest, Dakotas, MN, WI & IL. Family owned transport company with personal service, safe rig and economical rates. References available. Conveniently located 15 minutes to the USDA import center and 1.5 hours from JFK. DOT 2262213, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Serving USA. Family owned business. We do specialized transport with overnight stops, direct routes and the absolute best care. DOT n/a, MC/ICC n/a.

Comments: Serving USA. Small dependable horse transport service that offers 20+ years experience and competitive rates, direct shipments, hay/water and individual box stalls. Our custom stock trailer is 7wide, 7 tall. We stop every 2-3 hrs to rest and keep constant communication with you throughout the trip. Newer equipment, well maintained and clean. Fully insured/CDL. DOT 0000, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Coast-to-coast low cost, safe and reliable horse transportation services within the continental United States, and limited service to Canada. Competitive rates based on the shortest distance between pickup and delivery, the number of horses, and fuel. Quotes from 65 to 99 per mile. Show style, slant haul trailers, ventilated by screened bars in drop-down windows in each stall. Daily contact with owners by drivers and/or the office. Discounts for reserving 30 days in advance and multiple horses on the same trailer.

Comments: Serving the Continental US. Specializing in private hauls, box stalls, broodmare/foal and geriatric shipping. Air ride truck with a hands-free phone system. Trailer is custom built and a comfortable ride with rubberized torsion axles. We stop every 3-4 hrs routinely for a minimum of 30 minutes. DOT 0000, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Serving nationwide. Full service door-to-door horse transport company, fully compliant with all Dot and FMCSA requirements, and holding a livestock haulers permit in Florida. We use only air ride trucks and vans. References available by request. DOT 1858941, MC/ICC 672641.

Comments: We cover the United States from East Coast to West Coast and North To South. We are in Arizona, Nevada and California weekly. We drive two 2011 Dodge 3500s 44, two 2011 Ford 450s 44 and a 2011 Ford F350 44. We pull two 8 horse slant, two 7 horse slant, two 6 horse slants and one 2 horse slants. Box stalls available. Layovers available.

Teeples Beeline Horse Transportation

Comments: Serving western USA. Owner/Operator has been transporting horses for over 15 years. We have regular scheduled trips from Utah to Oklahoma/Texas, Utah and Southern California and intermediate locations on these trips. DOT upon request, MC/ICC upon request.

Comments: Dedicated professionals committed to the safe and timely transportation of your horses. Weekly Scheduled Trips to Alberta and Washington State ~ 24 Hour Emergency Service Available. Located in Surrey, British Columbia, we offer service in Canada to British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba and in the United States to Washington, Oregon and California. Custom hauls can be arranged for delivery to anywhere in North America and we will coordinate your world wide transportation needs.

Comments: Serving West Coast and surrounding areas. Small family owned company striving to take the stress out of horse transport. We encourage phone communication with our clients during the transport. DOT 0000, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Serving USA. Experienced professional horse people providing quality care and service. Regularly scheduled routes from FL/GA going west and from FL/GA going north. Drivers are experienced horse people, have mobile communications and stop every 3 to 4 hours to check horses, water, and hay. DOT 0000, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Serving USA. Family owned business providing quality horse transportation with 24/7 access and online itinerary while in transit. The animals are checked every 3-4 hours throughout the trip and are provided grass hay and water unless you have other requests. DOT 0000, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Serving the 17 western states. Fully licensed and insured with a Class A CDL and 30 plus years experience. Clean, dependable equipment and no hired drivers. Always available by cell phone. Custom 6 horse slant load Charmac with extra wide and long stalls, food and water available at all times. Multi-horse discount available. Dividers can be removed with two compartments large enough to haul 8 to 12 horses loose. See our website for references, contract, and additional information. DOT 837148, MC/ICC 0000.

Comments: Serving all of USA. Competitive rates, highest quality door-to-door, coast to coast service available. All trailers are air ride with video surveillance. Slant, reverse slant, and box stalls available. Hay available free choice during trip. Water available free choice during trip. We can always be reached by cell phone. Credit cards accepted. No upfront deposit required. References available upon request. DOT 000, MC/ICC 000.

Comments: Serving all USA and Canada. Fully licensed and insured. Weekly trips up and down the East Coast. Bi-monthly trips East Coast to West Coast. DOT 1942123, MC/ICC 753000.

Comments: Serving USA. Small family company specializing in transporting 1-3 horses at a time, loose in box stalls unless otherwise specified. Fully enclosed horse trailer equipped with a side & rear loading ramp. Experienced and professional handling. Full compliance with USDOT and FMCSA. References on request. DOT 1854062, MC/830677.

If you need a horse hauled, or are hauling a load yourself, post your trip here to find other owners who hauling and might share the costs of the trip with you. Post your ride by emailing the particularshere.

TO: Western, and Southern USA, British Columbia, Alberta

Life time horse people. Travel from Calgary, AB area to Tucson, AZ area several times a year. Contact for more details.

Slush Creek Walkers does not do brokering and assumes no liability