Hybrid International Forwarding

Hybrid International Forwarding is appropriately named as we are part global forwarder and part mom and pop.

Hybrid through our agency relationships has access to over 30 carrier contracts, with competitive rates and a variety of service options.

We are able to compete with the largest global forwarders with respect to pricing and service offerings.

While our clients get the rates and services they expect from the multinationals, yet the service and attention to detail they expect from the mom and pops.a true industry HYBRID!

At Hybrid International we listen to you, as our client, and provide a level of service that meets your expectations. We will draft an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) specific to your needs, and we will manage your business as you have requested and detailed in the SOP. Our goal is that you, as our client, view our service as if a Hybrid International employee is collecting a paycheck directly from the you, and answering to you and your company. If you view us as an extension of your company, then that means we are doing a great job.