Arma Customs Agents and International Forwarders is an independent family business that has been providing customs clearance and international dispatch services for over 35 years. Until the beginning of the 1990s, the business was known as Eldor Ltd., and most of its activity was focused in the field of clearance of shipments from customs and the export of merchandise overseas.

As a result of technological advancements, we have developed an independent international network of customs agents for international shipment (import and export) as well as haulage of cargo from most destinations in the world to various air and sea ports, offering reliable service and competitive prices.

We are personally familiar with the world of business and trade, and in addition, we advise new and long-standing customers regarding the various steps in the import and sale of products, including costs, proper paperwork, government authorizations if required, etc.

We have amassed the experience necessary to provide complementary consultation to our customers; thereby saving them precious time and money.

At Arma Customs Agents and International Forwarders, you will find a comprehensive array of solutions to suit all of your import and export procedures.

We specialize in clearing shipments from customs, both in Ashdod and Haifa, for sea shipments (including full containers – FCL and partial containers – LCL).

At the Ben Gurion Airport, we clear air cargo, from single packages (for which we can offer particularly fast service for certain products) to refrigerated shipments and even unconventional shipments that require transportation and/or storage under special conditions.

Moreover, we conduct regular customs checks and security checks for customers from the Palestinian Authority.

We also offer crane services, insurance services for air/sea cargo, storage services and logistics.

Arma Customs Agents and International Forwarders undertakes to provide its customers with reliable individual service that is both fast and effective. Every customer is handled immediately and without delay and is not passed from one representative to another or left waiting on the line for long periods of time.

Our representatives at the ports are professional, with vast experience in everything related to customs clearance and international dispatch. This helps to improve your import/export procedures.

Our main office is located in the South Tel Aviv business and trade area, close to the main transportation arteries: the Ayalon Highway, Highway 4 and the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway.

In addition, Arma Customs Agents and International Forwarders has three additional branches: at Ben Gurion Airport in the MAMAN (Cargo Terminal) Building; in Ashdod at the rear of the port and in the Haifa Port.