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Beauty and the Beast : February 17th & 18th

Show Movement from New York to Las VegasRoger WatersUS+THEM

Australia & New Zealand Tour Logistics : 155,845 KGSMEDLABRock-it Cargo Named Official Preferred Forwarder

Project Cargo : 300MW HSD Power Generating Station to Pangaon

Tour Logistics : The Plantation Course : Kona

Shipment of Wax Figure : First Lady Melania Trump

Air Shipments to ICE Totally Gaming Convention

As the leading provider of Live Eventfreight forwardingand logistics services, Rock-it Cargo combines highly seasoned agents with the most trusted global network in the industry to deliver extraordinary events. We have literally spent decades building relationships with the most reliable and accredited cargo agencies around the world to ensure that your shipments arrive safely and on time no matter the location.

Four decades of servicing the most memorable live events around the world.

One point-of-contact throughout your freights lifecycle, 24/7/365.

From estimating to customs clearance, we know what needs to be done, and do it faster than anyone else.

The most experienced and knowledgeable staff of logistics and freight professionals in the industry.

A global network of agents to ensure your freight makes its way through, no matter what obstacle.

We work closely with you to deliver a custom solution to meet your shipments extraordinary needs.

Warehousing Logistics for Tour Planning

From international music touring concerts to pro sports touring and the Olympic Games, warehousing logistics for tour planning is a core part of large-scale freight forwarding services for global events. For over 40 years our seasoned agents have amassed a diverse world-wide network of warehousing locations to accommodate branded and corporate events, as well as the hottest international rock shows with awkwardly sized cargo such as stadium staging equipment and fragile props powered by pyrotechnics. We have hand-tailored warehousing and tour planning logistics for any size tour.

Our team of logistics experts ensure time and cost-saving distribution solutions with air, land and sea freight forwarding for any load size while meeting the most stringent deadlines. Rock-it Cargo engineers custom freight forwarding and warehousing logistics solutions that accommodate budget requirements, legality, speedy passage through customs, and the best storage solutions to safeguard unique cargo. Whether your tour requires warehousing logistics for long or short-term storage, dedicated storage, or climate / temperature controlled warehousing solutions, our team of industry experts create your ideal strategy with a focus on safety, efficiency and security to give our clients ease of mind and the best white-glove service in the industry.

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For four decades, we have had the distinct honor to work with some of the most well-known acts and agencies in the world.

Superb. Clear, fast, and direct. When you need help or answers, they are there for you.

Absolutely the best in the industry, not only the best freight agents, but also the best people around…

In 2016, the final event was in a very remote location in Argentina (24 hour drive outside of Buenos Aires)…

The Rebel Heart Tour was the tenth worldwide concert tour by American singer Madonna…

Perth had no warehouse space big enough to accommodate all the cargo and provide room to…

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