100% Financial Aid for Qualified Vets through the VA Chapter 31 Program

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The Skys the Limit with Freight Broker Training

Brooke Transportation Training Solutions is honored to be approved to train our Chapter 31 veterans and prepare them to enter the exciting field of transportation as either a freight broker or freight broker agent.  Over our history, weve had the opportunity to train scores of veterans and watch them embark on their new careers using the talents they honed while serving our country and acquiring the new skills needed to build a great work-from-home career.

Are you a veteran? You may qualify for a 100% financial aid for veterans through the Vocational Rehabilitation Department.

You must meet with your VA Counselor to see if you qualify. Contact your counselor, give them our school number:S2133, thenask your counselor to contact our School Director, Janis Roach, at()to confirm if you qualify.

You can also and ask for Veterans Chapter 31 details.

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