FreightSnap Density Management System (DMS)

FreightSnap Density Management System (DMS)


Measure, weigh and document your freight in seconds. Simplify your operation, reduce labor costs, and start saving time and money today.


Measuring your freight is just one piece of the puzzle. FreightSnap offers solutions to automate your ENTIRE dimensioning operation in no time from measuring to weighing to managing your data.

Our affordable dimensioning solutions capture certified-for-trade measurements and a photo of your freight in just a few seconds whats more theres a product for every size business.

FreightSnap electronics and software applications automatically capture and marry weight from floor scales, forklift scales, bench scales and table scales to calculate density and cube. Integrate scales and other warehouse equipment easily with FreightSnap.

Propriety software solutions let you store, catalog, analyze and share your freight measurements and photos with customers, suppliers, carriers and back office systems, such as WMS, TMS or ERP.

After careful analysis of all our options, and comprehensive side-by-side testing of the different dimensioners in our terminals, FreightSnap emerged as the best choice to support Estes high-volume terminals throughout the U.S.

Webb Estes, Vice President of Process Improvement

Weve used FreightSnap dimensioning solutions with our forwarding clients. The system produced accurate measurements for their freight billing, and the dimensioners interfaced easily with our clients WMS software. Many of them are looking at second and third units to increase productivity.

Hector Sunol, Co-Founder & VP of Operations,

We thought dimensioning would provide value to our customers, and we were thorough in our testing of products available. We found that other companies have great dimensioning products but not the mobility of FreightSnap, and other products cost as much as $80,000 to $100,000 upfront.

Shippers, carriers, freight forwarders and 3PLs are all using our parcel and pallet dimensioners to automate their freight measurement and weighing processes. Heres a few of the companies were working with right now. See the full listhere.

Explore the latest news, tips and resources on dimensioning and the logistics industry. See the fullblog.

Explore the benefits and ROI you can expect from pallet dimensioning, then learn how to implement a dimensioning program of your own.

With a variety of pallet dimensioners on the market, it can be difficult to find the one thats right for your business. These 9 tips will tell you what to look for and help you find the perfect pallet dimensioner for your operation.

FreightSnap offers a variety of methods for storing and accessing the data collected by your dimensioner. Take a look at this breakdown to learn more.

Were happy to answer your questions and help you explore all the dimensioning options available to your business.

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